Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Featuring Cassandra Erin

April 19, 2013

Cassandra Erin: 

Cassandra Porlier is the owner, designer, and primary metalsmith of the jewelry line, Cassandra Erin. She works with her mother, Teri Sallee, out of their studio in St. Charles, Missouri. Teri worked in high end jewelry sales and Cassandra has a degree in both graphic design and metalsmithing, which is seen throughout their line. The line is completely personalized and allows each customer to add special meaning to their own pieces. Cassandra Erin jewelry includes assorted charms and pendants, as well as hand-carved drawings, messages, or even foot prints! Could you think of a more perfect Mother’s Day gift? We couldn’t!

A few of her pieces – 

We had the opportunity to talk with Cassandra Porlier and learn a little bit more about her life as a respected designer and her beautiful jewelry collection —

EPWhere do you draw inspiration from?

Cassandra : We draw inspiration from our clients.  We love being able to create special pieces as individual as the person wearing it.  Every piece is custom designed, so clients can choose to keep their mothers words, in her handwriting close to their heart.  Or preserve a child’s favorite drawing of the family.  Or even create a keepsake for a spouse about a private joke.

EPYour line specializes in personalized jewelry and your pieces evoke a special meaning for each owner; tell me about why this is important to you and the challenges that you face during the creation process?

Cassandra : Because we use the clients exact images, handwriting, footprints, etc these pieces are priceless to the owner.  Our only real challenge in our “instant world” is time.  This line is made 100% by hand in our studio and sometimes it’s hard for people to understand that we cannot make something in 2 days.  Because we don’t use an engraving machine or stamps, it is a lengthier process.  It does take us about 3 weeks to make a piece, however after receiving their piece, the client is always excited to get something so personal and special.

EPHow has your vision of this jewelry line changed from the sketches of paper to the actual product?

Cassandra : Our vision has always been to create totally custom pieces for a client, at an affordable price, while using high quality materials.

EPWhere do you see your jewelry line in the future?

Cassandra : We’re excited to continue to grow and touch the hearts of many.

Some photos of Cassandra in her studio and her previous jewelry items –

Thank you, Cassandra! We enjoyed getting to learn more about you and the creation process that goes into making such timeless, sentimental pieces. I hope you loved getting to know Cassandra just as much as we did here at Eliza Page! We’re sure that any mother would be more than thrilled to receive a personalized piece from the Cassandra Erin Collection this Mother’s Day.


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