Be Bold, Be You! Bold Jewelry Styles

July 20, 2013

Statement jewelry can make an outfit. Not only does it add some visual interest to what you’re wearing, but bold pieces can add an individual and unique touch to your look. There is no better time to be adventurous and play with color than enamel bracelets_Fotor_Collageduring the summer. Now you don’t need to go out in head to toe shades of bright colors, just focus on adding little pops of vivid and eye catching color. Whether you add a statement necklace with a simple dress, a couple of bright bracelets, or a funky ring, bold jewelry let’s you add a little bit of your personal style into every outfit.

A bold bracelet adds a little something extra to any look. Not only can you wear them on their own, but you can also mix and match them into stacked patterns for a unique and interesting twist.


A bold necklace can take an outfit to a completely new level. Especially now when it may be too warm to layer outfits, a statement necklace can add that eye-catching detail you need to make a simple outfit pop. The thing to remember is to colored rings_Fotor_Collagekeep the rest of your accessories simple, especially the earrings. The simpler your other accessories are, the more focus you are allowing to the statement piece!

A dramatic piece such as a unique ring also adds a little individuality to what you are wearing. Larger rings, like the ones here, are great for adding a little color to an otherwise plain outfit. It’s also easy to wear them with busier patterns. With a wide variety of styles, colors, and textures to choose from, finding a statement ring that you really love is easy to find!

At Eliza Page we have lots of options for bold statement pieces for you to choose from! Find the ones that you like best and the one that makes you feel like none other than you!

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