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July 30, 2013

Jewelry trends are always changing. However, there are certain pieces that are always on trend and can simply be considered classic. Whether it’s a silver chain necklace or a finely-made gold watch, these pieces are great for making any woman feel chic and stylish both at the office or out on the town.

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Jennifer Aniston layering two gold necklaces that are perfect for everyday wear.

The best part about everyday pieces is that they can be easily layered together to create different looks. It’s simple to wear a silver chain on its own, but you can easily create a more casual and textured look when you layer it with a chain of a different length. Even something as effortless as adding different pendants or stones to a chain necklace can make it a completely new and personalized piece of everyday jewelry. The same can be done with bracelets or rings. Wear one or two simple bangles during the day at work and then layer different ones together for a fun and modern look for your night out.

Everyone has a piece of jewelry that they love to wear. Even many celebrities have certain pieces that they wear daily. Jennifer Aniston has been known to where a gold wishbone necklace regularly and even the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has been known to frequently wear the same earrings over and over. Everyday jewelry doesn’t have to be boring! The most important thing is to make the pieces your own and love what you are wearing! At Eliza Page we have many beautiful and classic pieces for you to choose from that are perfect for you to wear everyday!

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