Having Fun with Summer Jewelry

August 2, 2013

Although the summer months are quickly passing by, there is still time to take that trip to the beach with your friends or have a backyard bonfire. Whether you’re going to be catching some waves, soaking up the sun, or making smores, there are lots of opportunities to not only have fun, but to play with your jewelry. Summer is the perfect time for layered jewelry, bright colors, and different textures.

earrings2_1 color bracelets

If you’re getting ready to hang out by the pool, layered necklaces and lots of bright colors are the way to go. Several simple necklaces of different lengths or some stacked bracelets are perfect for showcasing your personality and allowing you to have fun with your look. The same can be done for a fun backyard barbecue. Put a look together with a cute printed dress and some bold colored pieces to accent the color of the dress.

This is the time to have fun with your look and there are so many options to choose from. There is still time to add some color to your look and show off who you are with your jewelry. Summer jewelry is bold, fun, and definitely makes an outfit pop. At Eliza Page we are having a summer sale with lots of items that are perfect for the last of the summer months! Check out all of our pieces at elizapage.com!

necklaces1 necklaces bracelets color blue


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