Be Beautiful with Bridal Jewelry

August 6, 2013

There are few days that compare to that of your wedding day. With that said, you should not only look beautiful, but you should also feel beautiful on your special day. Whether it’s elegant rose gold rings or gorgeous shoulder necklaces, there are so many trends and styles that will fit each and every bride and allow her to feel special on her big day.


Statement necklaces have been a very prominent trend this year which makes it easy to understand how it carried over to the bridal world. As a bride you want the attention to be on you! There is no better way to help add to your dress than accessorize with big statement pieces that add a little of your personality into your look!

One of the biggest trends this year is vintage engagement rings. Although vintage rings have been popular for a while now, the trend shows no sign of slowing down. Vintage rings are classic, beautiful, and full many intricate details. There is something just so romantic and unique about a vintage ring. As well, rose gold rings, colored stones, and unique settings have been prominent this year as they add a little individuality and show the unique side of each and every bride!

rings picture_FotorAnother big trend is teardrop and drop style diamond earrings. It’s their simplicity that allows these earrings to be worn tear_Fotor_Collagewith the many different types of jewelry that you may be looking at for your wedding day. Teardrop earrings add just a little bit of sparkle to your look and are perfect for almost anyone, bringing out your beauty in a classy and elegant way.

Your wedding day is your day to shine. Bringing out the beauty in your dress and yourself is easy with the perfect accessories. Whether it is some simple earrings to add some sparkle or a classic, vintage ring, there are so many options to bring out the beauty in you! Be sure to check out all of our bridal jewelry at!


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