Featured Designer- Ginette NY

August 9, 2013

There are certain pieces that can’t be described any other way except for being classy, sophisticated, and elegant. Designer Frederique Dessemond accomplishes all of these things and more in her pieces and collections.


Ginette is an old-fashioned and charming name from the South of France that Dessemond decided to adapt to contemporary times. In 2001, Dessemond decided to apply her experience with transforming furniture to the fashion industry that she had gotten to know while in New York. She started by working with vintage clothing and accessories and transforming them in brand new uniquely beautiful pieces. Eventually she started designing necklaces with an old-world yet modern heirloom quality.

piecesWhat makes her collections special are their timeless beauty that mix unique and chic details to otherwise classic pieces. Whether it’s mixing basic shapes with a little bit of sparkle or personalizing pieces with custom initials, Ginette NY has a piece that can fit anyone’s jewelry needs! Check out the pieces we offer in store at elizapage.com and more at ginette-ny.com!

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