Game Day Jewelry at Eliza Page

August 23, 2013

Football season is right around the corner and being that we are in Austin, we are all about cheering for our hometown longhorns! With just a little more than a week until kick off, now is the perfect time to start getting excited for game day! Just because you’re going to the game, doesn’t mean that you can’t look amazing! Add a little sparkle and something unique to your look with simple pieces that can add some depth to your outfit. Whether you’re cheering for the Longhorns or not, finding pieces hookem collagethat can go along with your team colors is simple and easy here at Eliza Page.

These pieces on the left are perfect for a Longhorn game! Adding a little burnt orange to your wardrobe is never a bad thing!

If you’re not into the burnt orange that’s okay too! Adding some simple jewelry to any outfit works just as well. Wearing these pieces, that are both simple and sophisticated, means that you can mix and match them with any team color and still be super stylish.
You can either rock fun colored rings to match your teams’ colors or mix in simple pieces to your jewels It’s even easy to find colored engagement rings nowadays that not only represent your relationship, but also the spirit you will always have for your team! The choice is up to you. The most important thing is to remember to just have fun and cheer for your team! Check out more pieces that you can play with at!

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