Fall Fashion Trends

August 30, 2013

With the start of school and the arrival of pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks on the horizon, it’s safe to say that fall is almost here! Not only do we love the change in temperature and the beginning of football season, we also love all the new fashion trends that come with fall. With many designers having just hit the runway with their latest designs and creations, there are many styles that we are excited to see this season. Here at Eliza Page, we have put together our five, favorite fall fashion trends!

Minimalist Pieces

minimalist jewelry trendOne thing about fall fashion is that there is a lot of layering. Boots, with boot socks, with jeans, with sweaters, with jackets, and so much more. Because of this, wearing chunkier and larger statement pieces may make it look like you are drowning in clothing. Minimalist pieces with simple designs are great for the fall because they allow you to add to a look without overdoing it!

Tribal and Bohemian Inspired Pieces

Fall also brings out a lot of darker colored clothing. As muchtribal and bohemian trend as you may love that black sweater or those navy tops, you want to add a little pop of color. Tribal and bohemian inspired pieces bring patterns and colors that can brighten up your fall look just enough to add interest and individuality to a look. With less layered looks it’s fun to add a larger statement necklace, but it’s also easy to add this trend to your wardrobe with smaller pendants and bracelets.

Layered Rings

It was Raf Simons, creative director at Dior, that stacked rings trendaccessorized the models for Fall 2013 with layered rings. The look that was popular this past summer has carried over to the fall, allowing anyone to add their own touch and flair to the trend. Whether you have a preference for simple gold or silver rings, or pieces with more color and designs, stacking and layering rings is a simple and fun way to add interest to your look.

Mineral Pieces

Céline used simple mineral pieces to add a layer of elegance to their runway looks. Whether it’s a stone or a drusy piece, mineral based jewelry can add a little texture, sparkle, and color to your outfit!

mineral pieces trend

Engagement Rings

This past year was all about the non-traditional. Women everywhere fall 2013 engagement ring trendswanted to move away from the usual round or princess cut diamond. This fall is all about eye-catching and statement shapes like radiant, emerald, and cushion cut diamonds. Finding something that is individual and even custom-made is also still a big trend. Finding an engagement ring that is perfect for you is simple and easy with all the choices we have in store!

You can find all these pieces and more in store and at elizapage.com! Also, remember that designer Haley LeBeuf will be at our store location tomorrow, Saturday, August 31st, from 12-4! Come meet Haley, mingle, and shop for her new fall collection!

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