Be Personal- Personalized Jewelry

September 3, 2013

There is just something special about pieces of jewelry that are made just for you. It’s the sentimental value and memories that personal pieces of jewelry have that make them special. At Eliza Page we have many options for making personalized personalized_items_for_web_2jewelry that is perfect for you, or someone special to you. What we love about personal pieces is that they are simple and can be worn with almost any look. Whether it’s a monogrammed charm or just a one letter piece, jewelry that is made just for you is simple yet classic. It’s also easy to add a unique twist, with the options to add pictures, custom writing, and anything in between, the options are endless!

One designer that we feature in store, Ginette NY, has a wide variety of personalized jewelry that you can choose from. Her designs are items you will forever covet as treasured gifts. Her designs are available in 14k and sterling featuring monogrammed letters and personalized words on disc necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Be sure to check them out here: Ginette NY Designs at Eliza Page

Finding jewelry that is special to you is always important. Even engagement rings can be customized to be even more special with engravings and special details! Find a piece that is perfect for you or your special occasion here at Eliza Page!


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