Engagement Ring Trends

September 6, 2013

From vintage, to colored stones, to curved settings, this year has brought with it so many new trends as well as allowing several to remain as classic go-to choices. At Eliza Page we love engagement rings. curveNot only are they beautiful pieces of jewelry, engagement rings are special to the individual people they are given to. What’s great about these rings is that they can be made to fit any person they are chosen for. We’ve selected two of our favorite engagement ring trends for this fall that we absolutely love!

Bypass and twisted settings, along with curved rings, are one trend that we can’t get enough of. There is something so elegant yet unique about the look. The eye catching style that can offer both simple or intricate setting details makes it easy to customize as well as find something perfect for your special someone.

stackLarger cut diamonds, a trend not necessarily new but one that has continued to be a part of ring styles, are simply beautiful. With a variety of cuts that can be found depending on your preferences, a larger diamond is sure to draw the eye. If a larger stone isn’t something you like, a new trend that we have seen is the east-west setting, which creates the illusion of a bigger diamond. Whether it’s an oval or emerald cut diamond, setting the diamond this way is not only great for making the diamond look bigger, it creates a unique look and style for your ring.

You can find all these rings and many more on our website at elizapage.com! Let us help find the perfect ring just for you!


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