Be Unusual- Quirky and Unique Jewelry

September 10, 2013

At Eliza Page we strive to provide jewelry that is not only beautiful, but unique. Pieces of jewelry that are quirky and different can add so much individuality to an outfit. Adding a piece of jewelry that is unlike any other  shows off your Fotor0909175915personality which is always important. Besides, pieces that no one else has seen is always a great conversation starter!

Of course what you might consider “unique”, might be different from what someone else considers unique. That is the best part though. Finding pieces that are unique to you means that they are a representation of you and only you! They stand for your personality and individuality which is what jewelry should do; enhance who you already are!

Some pieces that we absolutely love at Eliza Page that we think are unique are ones that are made with jewels and stones. Each stone you find is already a Fotor0909180127unique piece on its own. Pairing it with certain metals and shaping those stones in certain ways make them a completely new piece and we love that! Whether it’s a druzy necklace or gem stone rings, these are stand out pieces that can be made to fit you!

Of course, unique jewelry isn’t limited to just the parts that make the piece a whole. What makes pieces “unique” is how you feel about them! At Eliza Page we have so many pieces of jewelry that you are sure to find something that grabs your attention and speaks to you! Be sure to check out all of our pieces and more at!

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