Rebecka Froberg Collection at Eliza Page

September 13, 2013

Rebecka Fröberg came to New York in 2000 after spending a few years in Düsseldorf and London to photo-1
complete her degree in graphic design at The Fashion Institute of Technology. This is where she discovered her great passion for jewelry. After earning her BFA in graphic design Rebecka Fröberg Jewelry was founded in 2006.

Initially working with local jewelry designers to gain experience, Rebecka quickly built up her own collection inspired by her Swedish heritage and she soon had a clientele of fashion boutiques throughout the city. Rebecka now works from her studio in Brooklyn, New York. This is where every piece of her collection is made by hand, circle_pendant_necklacewhether crafted in solid gold or sterling silver. Some of her jewelry is cast while others are fabricated from sheets and wires of precious metals. Rebecka also uses stones, such as diamonds, tourmalines, sapphires and topaz to add a little accent and pop of color or sparkle to her pieces.

With jewelry that is great for everyday wear as well as adding a simple yet elegant touch to your look, Rebecka’s pieces are perfect for almost anyone. Be sure to check out all of Rebecka Froberg’s collection here at Eliza Page!

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