Vintage Jewelry at Eliza Page

September 20, 2013

It’s safe to say that vintage jewelry of some form or another is always in style. Many jewelry pieces of today are inspired by vintage pieces and that may be what keeps the style on our fashion radar. From engagement rings to necklaces, vintage pieces Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 9.01.15 PMcan be found everywhere. Whether it’s the classy styles or the general charm of vintage jewelry, we can’t seem to get enough.

The thing about vintage jewelry is the unique and eye-catching quality it has. There is a piece for anyone and everyone because vintage pieces are influenced from so many different time periods. The 1920s were a time when costume jewelry became increasingly popular and inspiration ranged all the way from nature to more geometric designs while in the sixties the trend was Fotor0919210711all about bold and bright colors, the range of styles that the term “vintage” encompasses is tremendous.

Here at Eliza Page we are working on bringing you some of the most beautiful vintage pieces we can find and come up with! Whether it’s a gorgeous, vintage engagement ring, select, time-period inspired necklaces, or eye-catching choice rings, the options are endless! Check out all of the vintage jewelry at Eliza Page!

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