2013 Emmy’s Jewelry Trends

September 27, 2013

Award shows are some of our favorite things. Why? Because we get to see all of the amazing fashion hits (and misses!) that our favorite celebrities are rocking. The 2013 Emmy’s which happened this past weekend was no different, bringing out a lot of our favorite fashion and jewelry trends. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite looks and how you can re-create them with pieces here at Eliza Page!

stacking bracelets

Stacking Bracelets

Arguably one of the best dressed celebrities of the night, Kayley Cuoco stunned on the red carpet wearing a plum colored Vera Wang gown. What we loved however was how she chose to accessorize for the night. Cuoco chose a simpler look but added flair and texture by stacking bracelets, a trend we have seen still going strong since earlier this year. Stacking and mixing different Neil Lane jewelry pieces added interest to the look but was still sophisticated. You can easily replicate the look by choosing different bracelets of the same metal tone but mix it up by choosing pieces with stones or textures.


drop earrings

Drop Earrings

An elegant trend that many celebrities continue to rock on the red carpet is drop earrings. Sarah Hyland and so many other famous faces showed off the trend last weekend. This always on spot earring shape is great for adding a little flair as the trend can be taken in many different directions. With different textures, layers, and colors, the drop earring trend is one that we absolutely love! It’s also so easy to re-create! Find the pair of earrings that you love and you’ve found a pair that you can wear with almost any look.


Bold rings

Bold Statement Rings

When trying to make a statement, it’s important to find a piece that is 100% you. It’s easy to do that with a piece that’s easy to work with like a ring. Coming in so many shapes, designs, colors, and textures, something like a gemstone or cocktail ring is perfect for adding a little flair and individuality to a look. Sofia Vergara, Allison Williams, and Zooey Deschanel all rocked the bold ring trend, adding just enough to their look this weekend. The options are endless when trying to replicate this trend and there is something for everyone!

It’s not only fun trying to recreate these looks, it’s also so easy! You can add your own personal style and flair to all of these trends with pieces here at elizapage.com! Be sure to check them all out and more!


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