Be Stunning- Beautiful Bridal Jewelry

October 1, 2013

As you can tell, here at Eliza Page we love weddings. We adore everything from the dress, to the decor, to the flowers, to the jewelry. There is just something so special about a bride’s big day and we love to be a part of the experience. Bridal jewelry can be made to fit any bride and her taste and style preferences. Whether you’re a bride with simple taste and prefer stud earrings and a chain necklace or a bride with more extravagant tastes and like a bold statement necklace and large diamonds, there is something for everyone.

The important thing about bridal jewelry is that you pick something uniquely you! Some of our bridal favorites include pendants to wear on a chain and customized bridal rings! Pendants offer you the options to pick and choose the pendant itself and mix and match with different chains, giving you more freedom to create a customized look. The same goes for bridal rings. It’s always fun to customize your forever ring and create the perfect piece.

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 4.18.44 PM

Engagement rings of all kinds are out there. Whether you prefer a classic, vintage style or a stunning, princess-cut diamond, there are so many choices to choose from! Lucky for us all, more unique styles continue to be on trend including colored stones, east-west settings, and even stacking bands. You can find all of these options and more at! Let us help you find the perfect pieces to put together your look for your special day!

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