Be Different: Unique Jewelry Pieces

October 18, 2013

At Eliza Page we are always looking for pieces that are unique and stand out. We love helping you find your own personal style and creating a look that you love! Although calling jewelry “different” or “unique” is completely dependent on how you interpret it, we prefer to think of the terms as something defines your personal style. To us, pieces with unique qualities create interest and can make a statement even when mixed with other pieces.

unique pieces lulu frost

Jewelry pieces like these from designer Lulu Frost are definitely unique. Having different shapes, textures, and styles, these are unlike any other pieces and are easy to mix and match into your wardrobe to create that unique look. Being different is fun and lets Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 9.19.03 PMyou stand out and make a statement! There is nothing we love more than seeing some rock what they are wearing and just having a great time playing with different and unique jewelry pieces.

The best part about working with jewelry is getting to have fun, experimenting with different looks, and finding your favorite fashion pieces! Take your pick from all of the pieces we have here at and create your stand out look!

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