Fall Wedding Favorites at Eliza Page

October 22, 2013

There’s something to love about fall weddings. The time of year is perfect for any wedding theme or style and it’s easy to mix the rustic and classic tones of autumns with modern elegance. Having a fall wedding is becoming more and more popular with brides and with the rise of the trend the options to personalize your big day are growing. We love the classic and rustic look that you can incorporate into your wedding day with the autumn weather. We also love incorporating this style into your wedding jewelry. With vintage rings and classic jewels it’s easy to take your autumn theme and add it into your wedding day look.

The fall season has something almost nostalgic and comforting to it that makes everything feel so warm and cozy. Add to this feeling with a gorgeous vintage ring that brings the past to the present and creates a unique look just for you. Mixing vintage style with modern jewels is a great trend that lets brides customize their style and use pieces that add to the classic look of a fall wedding. Vintage engagement rings are also on point with the trends and we are absolutely obsessed with them here at Eliza Page!

We also love gold jewelry for fall weddings. Gold tones go great with autumn wedding styles and mixing that with your jewelry is a great
way to add a rustic look to your style. Gold jewelry is so classy yet can be very unique to your look. Gold engagement rings are also making an appearance in upcoming trends so don’t be afraid to branch out and be unique! Try mixing gold into your look even if it’s just a ring or a gold chain necklace.

As always we encourage our brides to find pieces of jewelry that are unique to them and match their style. We want to help make your special day as amazing as possible. You can find all of these bridal pieces and more at elizapage.com! Pick and choose all of the perfect pieces for you and your fall wedding!

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