The Christine Fail Trunk Show @ Eliza Page

November 1, 2013

Many times we see the jewelry in the store and think about how it will look on us first, and how it was made last – or never. Trunk shows allow us to appreciate the designer and become better acquainted with the gems we wear. And we absolutely love having trunk shows in store! It’s always so much fun seeing new collections of jewelry and getting to meet the designer behind the pieces that we all love. Instead of a having a smaller classy selection, you have–as the name states– a trunk load of jewelry to ogle over! If your purse is big enough maybe you’ll cart the whole lot home. But with other roving eyes, you’ll probably have to share the loot.  Last weekend was the Christine Fail trunk show at Eliza Page and we wanted to thank everyone that stopped by to shop and meet Christine! Her new collection of jewelry is full of unique and stand out pieces that are great for adding something special to your everyday look. If you didn’t get to stop by, you can still find Christine’s jewelry at and on her website. And for those of you who did come and want to reminisce, and those who didn’t, here are a few pics of a fun filled night full of sparkles, smiles, and a reminder why we love our gems.

photo-5 photo-2 IMG_6637 IMG_6518 IMG_6522 IMG_6564 IMG_6592

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