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November 8, 2013

ila&i is an unconventional brother and sister design studio in the heart of Texas. With and eye on the un-designed and overlooked, the siblings are brining together unique creations that fit what they like to call naturally elegant jewelry.

Ila Sodhani has the eye and flair for style. Growing up close to her mother, a F.I.T. graduate, she was wrapped in textiles and jewelry from a very young age. Ila spent 8 years designing high-end diamond jewelry with her mother and father, whose roots in fine jewelry trace back all the way to India. Vikas Sodhani, the ‘i’ in ila&i, has the eye for form and design in the duo. His fascination with design started during his time at MIT where he studied engineering. It wasn’t long before Vikas left engineering and headed out to India where he spent a year training in Indian design houses and hand fabrication shops.

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Working with the highest quality materials, varying from raw silk to African ebony wood to rose-cut diamonds, all of their pieces are made from elements that are pure and natural. As a result, ila&i pieces are so unique and beautiful, adding something special to any look you choose. From rings to necklaces, all of their pieces have a unique style that adds something different and awe-striking. With designs that are resonant of Indian styles, ila&i have a quality that few other pieces can compare to. Find more ila&i pieces here at!

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