Be a Standout: Statement Pieces at Eliza Page

November 15, 2013

Making a statement with your wardrobe is always the most important thing. Whether that’s through just photo_6adding simple touches of your own style into the mix or adding bold and bright pieces that pop is up to you! Being able to stand out among the crowd and make a statement is just one of the many fun ways to play with your fashion and make it all about you!

One of our favorite ways to stand out is by adding bold and bright pieces to your look. Especially at this time of year where many fashion choices are centered around darker shades and hues,wd_3 being able to add a pop or splash of color with a necklace or ring is a great way to mix it up and add a little bit of your personality into a look. Mixing shades turquoise with black or reds and corals with navy are some of our favorite combinations.

Statement pieces can sometimes have a reputation for being over-the-top. However, when done the right way, adding a bold piece can make an entire look fresh and fun. When wearing statement pieces, make sure not to layer too many pieces of jewelry. Keep it simple with one bold necklace, a rings_2_2bright bracelet with a couple simple bangles, or a great ring. Pieces with a lot of texture or ones that come in different kinds of shapes and designs are also great ways to make a statement. As always, jewelry should be fun and all about who you are. Have fun trying out different kinds of pieces and figure out what you like best! You can find all of these bold statement pieces and more at!

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