2013 Jewelry Trends

December 31, 2013

We can’t believe that 2013 is about to be over. It’s been amazing year with so many great fashion trends that we have loved amazonite_1to try out and share. Here are our top three 2013 jewelry trends.

Bold Statement Pieces: One of our favorite trends has been adding bold pieces to a look to create some personality and show off your style. Whether it’s through bright colors and unique stone shapes, we love being able to make a statement with an outfit.

Vintage Bridal Pieces: Bridal trends for 2013 centered around uniqueness and showing off the bride’s style. Being a huge fan of engagement rings, we had a lot of fun playing with different styles and stones. Our favorite was seeing vintage bridal rings return for a majority of the year and seeing brides incorporate vintage styles into their weddings.


Layering Jewelry: From layered necklaces to stacking rings, mixing and matching different pieces has been one of the most fun trends of 2013. Being able to layer necklaces of different lengths and mixing rings to create a personal stack has been a great way to show off personal style and have fun with fashion.

Find all of these pieces and more at elizapage.com! From everyone here at Eliza Page, we want to wish a very Happy New Year!

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