2014 Bridal Jewelry Trends

January 3, 2014

It’s a new year and with that comes new trends. The trends we’re most interested in? Wedding trends of course! With so many great bridal trends from last year, it’s inevitable that a few will carry over. But there are still so many new bridal jewelry trends that we can’t wait to see this year.


Being non-traditional is in and brides are playing with this trend by changing up their dress colors. One of the most popular dress colors that we will be seeing is a blush tone. Brides have found the beauty in color and are finding more ways to add it to their look. Whether you choose a pink or champagne colored dress, the best jewelry to accessorize with when wearing some color is diamond jewelry. Diamonds and pink go hand in hand and add a level of sophistication and beauty to your bridal look.

Another bridal jewelry trend for 2014 is geometric pieces. Another trend that is moving away from tradition, geometric pieces make a statement and add some personal style to a bridal look. It’s easy to mix this trend into your look through a statement necklace or some geometric earrings.

The trend that we are seeing carry over to this year is vintage jewelry. Brides are loving vintage engagement rings and the beautiful touch they add to a bridal look. Vintage bridal jewelry adds an amazing touch to a look and is perfect for almost any wedding theme, especially a great rustic wedding.

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