Colorful Jewelry

January 14, 2014

We don’t know about you, but we are over this cold and dreary weather. We’re ready for warmer weather and all the jrcolors of spring to show up. Until then however, we’ll get our fill of color with fun pieces of jewelry.

Bold and colored jewelry is not just for the summer. Incorporating some color into your winter wardrobe is not only easy, but it’s fun. Add a pop of personality to your look with some bold, colored rings. When layering is so prevalent in everyone’s wardrobe, trying to add some jewelry can be the last thing on your mind. But with a fun ring, adding something special to your look is easy.

As the weather starts to warm up, you can layer some bold necklaces together with simpler ones, or even create a colorful bracelet stack. The shaesby_studsimportant thing to remember with colorful jewelry is that you want to keep it simple. Pick a couple of bright pieces and pair them with simpler ones.

We can’t wait for all of the spring fashion trends to show up! Until then, bring the color back with some fun pieces! You can find more in-store or at!

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