Featured Designer: Marcia Moran

January 24, 2014

marcia_moranMarcia Moran began importing Brazilian Jewelry from different local Brazilian designers, and later became the designer of some pieces of her new jewelry collection. Marcia was born, raised and educated in Brazil. Inspired by her father, she became a dentist in the early 90’s and started her own dental practice in Sao Paulo in 1994. Her desire was always to work with fashion and Jewelry. In 2003, she moved to Los Angeles and decided to make her dream come true. Working with different Brazilian designers she began diamond_shaped3to show her creativity, innovation and talent. As her company and the demand for new creative designs grew, Marcia decided to make her line more unique, by designing some pieces for her new collection.

Marcia’s eye-catching, contemporary jewelry is made of either brushed 18kt gold- or rhodium-plated metals, and stunning semi-precious stones. As a bridge between the spectacular resources of Brazil and the world of fashionable women who enjoy extraordinary pieces, Marcia’s Jewelry helps women look fabulous, dress spectacularly, and yet still offer something simple to add to your look.

sux-_hst0peesodd67zxyihrbfj1yyktqifs7traxvsOur favorite pieces are some of Marcia’s druzy pieces. They bring a little fun and sparkle to your look, perfect for a day out or for a night out on the town. Whether it’s a great statement ring, some simple drop necklaces, or a bold pair of earrings, Marcia’s collection has something for everyone! For more pieces by Marcia Moran come in store or shop at elizapage.com!

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