Be Sweet: Jewelry for Your Valentine

February 7, 2014

qkcu2kfkvjwljxuqbm1ccbq4wiwyaad8eaztgyxp1l0Valentine’s Day is right around the corner but no worries! We have you covered with the perfect pieces of jewelry to choose from.

We think the best jewelry gifts to give for the 14th are light, simply, and delicate pieces. They are easy to gift as they are staple pieces, allowing anyone with any kind of style to use them in their wardrobe. With these adorable necklaces, you can either layer them together with other necklaces or even with a bolder statement piece, as well as wear them on their own to add a simple and sweet touch to yourozx1ojy_cgazxqqamsbcdmgoelwfi7udaf_cbhwkgzu look.

Try the same layering trend with these fun symbol bracelets from Gorjana. Stack them with some other simply bangles or mix them with some bright bracelets. Or add a little touch of the romantic holiday to your look with these petite stud earrings.

We love these pieces not only for being versatile, but for being cute and sweet gifts for your Valentine!

Find all of these pieces in store or online at!

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