Work Hard, Play Hard: Versatile Jewelry

March 11, 2014

We all have that one piece of jewelry in our closet–the one that we bought on a whim, but have never actually worn. It seems like there is never an occasion or a “right setting” to wear it. Here at Eliza Page, we want to help you invest in timeless pieces that can be worn day and night!

Diamond Slice Necklace

Check out this diamond slice necklace by Shaesby for some inspiration. Paired with a classic pencil skirt and buttown down shirt, it can be worn at the office for a hint of personality. At night, wear it with a simple silk and denim ensemble to captivate those around you. Diamonds don’t necessarily have to be for special occasions–here they are perfect to shine on any day.

Jane Pope Life Preserver Necklace

Make your outfit a little bit cuter with a Jane Pope life preserver necklace! Made with 14K gold this necklace adds a bold statement to any outfit and brings the sea alive in any situation. This necklace works great with dark colors like navy or black as well as pale nude tones. Use tan accessories to bring out the shine in the gold hues of this necklace.

Agate Stud Earrings

Jane Pope does it again with agate stud earrings that add elegance to any occasion. They can add class to dress pants, or even to a little black dress. Gold accents make this a surprisingly glamorous piece that can be worn modestly at the office or shine center-stage at night.

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