Be Vintage: Unconventional Bridal Jewelry

March 21, 2014

With the flashy, bling-filled jewelry of today, it’s sometimes hard to replicate the classic elegance of jewelry from the years before most of us were even born. Take a throwback to grandma’s jewelry box and admire the simplicity of vintage jewelry, perfect for standing out as a bride or just a woman of the 21st century. All pieces are available in store at Eliza Page now!

Antique Diamond Solitaire


This gorgeous antique diamond solitaire ring in 14k gold has been perfectly preserved since the 1940s. The Old European cut diamond cannot be replicated, and it stands out as a piece you will keep forever. Why invest in vintage jewelry? The quality is unbeatable, and these are styles that can be passed down to future generations.

Pearl and diamond

Take a look at this classic pearl and diamond ring. Cultured pearls have a unique “twist” in this ring also from the ’40s. These pieces are available for a limited time, representing the time-sensitive nature of vintage. This ring would make a great gift, especially to a new bride. Vintage jewelry is an art; many women spend their lives collecting pieces from years before. When you find a piece that stands out, make an investment. Having something as priceless and invaluable as vintage jewelry is like owning your own Picasso.

We at Eliza Page want to help you start your own vintage collection. You can stand out and turn heads in pieces that bring another time period to life. All the rings featured are available online at or in store!

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