Celebrate Earth Month

April 27, 2014

In honor of National Earth Month, April, Eliza Page invites you to break out your most beautiful greens to celebrate the gorgeous beauty of the Earth! Green is a healing color and can be shown to calm and relax the body. Even better, green does wonders for all skin tones. Dark and raven-haired women find that light jade colored stones accent their eyes and skin, while our fair-skinned friends can rock dark emralds for a pop of color.


Jamie Joseph Bracelet

This double-stranded chain bracelet inspires peace and harmony, while also adding a slightly edgy factor to any outfit. It’s a great green that reminds us of the ocean coral and a day at the beach. In fact, this bracelet would be adorable for a weekend getaway! Jamie Joseph brings us this new piece in a great collection featuring lovely stones, like the chalcedony pictured.


Jamie Joseph Ring

This wonderful ring, also by Jamie Joseph, is chrysoprase stone on a sterling silver base. We see nature in this ring, with the browns and greens mingling for the perfect image of a tree. However, this piece isn’t just for those times you feel like an artist–pair it with a cute LBD or other dress for a night out!

For other stunning greens or pieces by Jamie Joseph, visit us in-store on online at elizapage.com!

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