Birthstones : September Sapphire

September 18, 2014


A maiden born when September leaves
Are rustling in September’s breeze,
A sapphire on her brow should bind
`Twill cure diseases of the mind.

In 1870 Tiffany & Co. released a pamphlet by an anonymous author, detailing the gemstones for each specific month. This month we celebrate the deep dark blue of the sapphire. Sapphires are among the highest priced gemstones and for centuries have been used to display regality and wealth due to both their rarity and their beauty. And even in the 21st century we still love to sparkle. Despite the absence of common titles such as lord and master, the sapphire still survives as a representation of beauty.   The dark blue sparkle still attracts stares and silent wishes. Here at Eliza Page the sapphire is creatively crafted into many adornments, whether you love to shine or have just a glimmer, staff at Eliza Page can find it, or we’ll have it made just for you.

Mix and Match
Made with recycled 14k yellow gold and a .48ct sapphire pendant in a hexagonal bezel setting this beautiful necklace from ila&i carries a vintage appeal to make any outfit classic. $660
This unique and whimsical necklace by Jamie Joseph is made with two chains, one of oxidized sterling silver and the other with 14k gold studded with diamonds. The blue sapphire stone pendant is held in 14k prongs and will perfectly finish off your outfit of choice – $1496
sapphire ring
A hexagon sapphire is bezel set in a high polish band. A great stacking piece or wear alone for a simple and chic look. $263


Many remember the “Heart of the Ocean’, the necklace used in attempt to bring both wealth and death. The particular gemstone was a diamond, but what’s noticeable is the use of the clear deep blue of a sapphire. It may be the depths to which the dark blue sapphire seems to reach. Perhaps its for it’s resemblance to the dark reaches of the ocean where shipwrecks lay buried forever with their treasures. Maybe it’s the notion that this jewel brings one that much closer to a touch of royalty. Or just the plain and simple beauty found in the sparkle of the sapphire that causes jewelers to create delicate pieces with tiny diamonds focused around them. Gemstones are one of Earths wonders, thousands of striations bouncing light from each other. Minerals forming and building within the deep recesses of caves and mines, sparkling faintly in the dirt covered walls until they’re plucked and polished and put out for display. Many may never see a real sapphire, cut and sparkling clean, placed delicately in the prongs of a golden ring.  Diamonds , and their brilliant beauty, are a common a commonly seen phenomenon. But the deep beauty of a sapphire is a rarity and seems to signal a change. Just like the month of September brings the changing of seasons, and possibly, a change for you.




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