Top 10 Posts on Instagram!

September 19, 2014

Hello Ladies (and Gents) Here we present you with our  the Top 10 Posts on Instagram, to give you an example of what our followers love most about or collections. We’d like to showcase some of the wonderful pieces created by our designers that our supporters love s well. It’s such as wonderful experience to see your life’s work appreciated. And by giving a little more information on these pieces, we might spread the word farther about these wonderful men and women who provide some of the best collections in Texas. These posts are only a sample of what Eliza Page produces and if you like what you see you might find your way over to 229 W 2nd Street in wonderful Austin, Texas.

Top 1) Our number one posts reveals the root of the desire that sends customers to Eliza Page. Gemstones. Pirates love them, royalty loves them, and Eliza Page designers and customers love them as well. Lounging on a warm rock in the Texas sun, it’s easy to see there are so many gemstones available for so many uses. Have your own jewelry custom made with any stone! Be one of a kind with EP.1

Top 2) It’s easy to see why this was number 2. It’s our number one in action! Diamonds, and gemstones, and crystals, oh my. All in your favorite metals and favorite stackable style. Eliza Page holds dozens so you can create your own unique set.


Top 3) Who doesn’t love a little romantic glitz and glam? Our number three showcase a selection of unique engagement rings sitting pretty on the shelves of Eliza Page.


Top 4) More crystals, ready to be molded into beautiful accessories waiting to accentuate your style.


Top 5) These Crystal rings contain an array of mixed cuts. Each ring displays an entirely unique pattern so that no two are exactly alike.5

Top 6) We do love to stack. These pretty trinkets are both colorful and classic.


Top 7) Simple, yet unique, Eliza Page is known for housing designers that maintain the traditional , but with a very elegant twist.


Top 8) Vintage has yet to lose it’s appeal. Both designers and customers alike love to feel timeless.

Top 9) These beautiful engagement rings are both demure and dazzling, perfect for those who cherish love but needn’t shout.


Top 10) We love to mix and match our metals and gems. Combinations allow for a beautiful variety of unique creations. And cute puppies don’t hurt either.


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