Love to Layer

October 1, 2014

At Eliza Page, we LOVE to layer necklaces. Here are a few reasons why:

1. It’s the perfect way to express your personality!

Wear necklaces that are an expression of you and the things that you love. If you love to sing, wear a necklace with a musical note charm. If your birthday is in July, wear a beautiful ruby, your birthstone. If your name is Mary, wear a necklace with the initial “M”. Take this chance to truly personalize your  style.


photo 2 copy


2. The combinations or necklaces that you can fashion are endless!

Once you acquire a small (or large) collection of necklaces you can get your creative juices flowing by mixing and matching different lengths, stones, charms, beads and metals. Have fun with it!

photo 4

photo 4 copy

3. You really can’t mess up the look!

Pretty much any combination of small necklaces that you choose will work. That’s the beauty of it!

Disclaimer: Layering too many necklaces can overstate the look and become a tangled mess, so choose just a few.

photo 5


4. Your collection of necklaces can be dressed up or dressed down!

You can add style to a simple t-shirt with your combination of necklaces, or wear them with a dress out to dinner. Simply add or remove a necklace to cater to the occasion. To achieve a more relaxed look, keep your necklace lengths closer together. Also, you can make a statement by adding a longer necklace.


photo 1 copy

5. Eliza Page jewelry makes this look easy to achieve!

We have a variety of necklaces that are ideal for layering from beautiful druzy stones to Texas charms, monograms, symbols, sorority letters and everything inbetween. We feature over 30 talented designers, many of which are local Austinites. Our collection is guarenteed to help you craft the perfect collection of layering necklaces.

photo 1


Shop our wide variety at or stop in our store in the Second street shopping district in Austin Texas!

Layer by layer Eliza Page has the perfect combination to make a personal statement to your neckline!

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