Polly Wales – Innovation and Beauty

October 19, 2014

“Polly Wales is the creative and founding director behind her brand of fine handcrafted jewellery that does not seek to sell us false dreams of glossy, magazine ready perfection.”

Polly Wales is just one of the designers found at Eliza Page but an incredibly impacting jewler. Her collections consists of designs and cuts that fail to fit within the traditional mold of an antique ideal of jewelry design. There are the rose cut, the square cut, princess cut, pear cut, and many more distinct and defined ways to create jewelry. Polly Wales, however, posseses a unique and exquisite eye on what can be beautiful within the jewelry universe. Her cuts are bold and raw and exude a significant sense of originality. When you see Polly’s work, you know to whom it belongs. Her intriguing use of color and shape make Polly Wales jewelry into unique creations. The word ‘unusal’ is commonly used to describe her work but in the most brilliant fashion. Ms.Wale’s work is unique and individualized, with more focus on the person rather than the population. Polly’s pieces are eternally unique in their tastefully unconventional composition. Much more could be said on the beautiful engendering of Polly Wales mind. But equally important to her taste in jewelry is her utter satisfaction of creating jewelry that touches those who acquire it. With all these incredibly and endearing qualities in mind, we find Polly Wales to be a highly recommended, genuine, and inspiring designer who also loves what she does. pollywales7




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With a stylish knack for incorporating erosion and rough luxe into beautifully crafted designs of gold and gemstones, Polly Wales collections are truly one of a kind.

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