Engagement Rings

October 29, 2014

We have all heard the bells, even if not literally at our own wedding. Many young girls dream bout engagement rings. I remember staring through the glass of the exchange store on a military base at the age of 12. There were dozens of large sparkling rings behind the glass and I pointed and told my older sister, mother, father, or anyone who was around, exactly which ring my future husband would present to me. I have evolved, and now the large, diamond encrusted rings I preferred a decade ago are no longer my forte. But there is no perfect style, there is only your style. There is only the ring you believe represents you and your love to whomever you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life with. But if you’re overwhelmed by the various clasps, cuts, and stones, and wish you could just have them all ; were here to help with a display of the many engagement and wedding rings available to you from Eliza Page.

Here we have a traditional antique cushion cut diamond engagement ring set on a silver band. This is a simpler style, though beautiful, and will still catch stares when you take your change from the cashier at the register.


Or perhaps you would like a round diamond, also known as the brilliant cut. This pretty shape reflects the most light, so if you’re looking for sparkle you might start here.


The emerald cut, with its straight edges and lines, is sharper than the softness of a round or cushion cut, has less of a sparkle than the above cuts, but still holds an air of royalty and order.


We take a step away from tradition, but retain the round cut, and have this beautiful creation for those who may favor gold over silver. The contrast of square and circle give this ring it’s unique look and the subdued golden hue of the 14 karats create an effortless beauty.


The pear cut is unique in any setting, and proves even more so in this hammered band of 18k gold.


Or perhaps you’d like to stray from the traditional diamond with something similar but still with its own beauty. Here we have an opaque grey diamond centered between two peach rosecut diamonds, prong set in a matte 18k gold band. This handmade engagement ring has character and beauty.greydiamond

And perhaps not even a diamond at all but a lovely rosecut water 1 carat green sapphire surrounded by champagne diamonds and set in 18k yellow gold band.


These are only sample of what Eliza Page has to offer. We specialize in engagement rings for both men and women. Our designers create each piece by hand and provide you with something special to last a lifetime and forever symbolize the love you two share.





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