Unique Styles from Caitlin Mociun

October 29, 2014

Born amidst the golden sands of California, Caitlin Mociun was one of 2 daughters to Tony and Jillian Mociun. At the young age of 12, she left California and journeyed through Asia and Europe until the age of 18 when she returned to the United States to attend the esteemed Rhode Island School of Design. Following her BFA in textiles, Caitlin realized that the cut-throat corporate world was not for her and instead decided that self-employment was what she desired.



Founded in 2006, Mociun began with a small assortment of hand print garments. However, the company has been expanding and has now added digitally printed fabrics and fine jewelry. What’s fascinating about Mociun is how fast it has grown. Caitlin began with one employee and within a year gained five. Today she is known to have “won the hearts of brides-to-be” and has “trend-setters swooning.” Furthermore, profits more than doubled and one person is even designated to the custom ring program. One year after opening her store in Brooklyn, Caitlin became a significant player in the indie and commercial wedding industry. In fact, she designed custom rings for clients in Australia while also carrying a variety of merchandise in her store such as home goods, fragrances, and gifts.

Mociun 2

Even though Caitlin did not initially plan on opening her own store, her interest was sparked very quickly. As Mociun continues to rise, sustainable production is still considered as all products are created by utilizing recycled and organic materials. Mociun prides itself on giving back to the economy and community since good business practices are just as vital as the exclusive designs. Another differentiating factor about Mociun is that her store in New York allows customers to reach under furniture and dig through items to find the jewelry. She claims that she hopes to “give people an experience that is more fun, and have them discover something in a different way.”

Caitlin’s jewelry stands out due to the fact that it assimilates “environmentally healthy production” as well as the Bauhaus-inspired prints. Each piece is uniquely constructed in a way that makes every item different from the next. Her one-of-a-kind pieces comprise of geometric shapes and sterling silver designs that match with various styles. Additionally, Caitlin is continuously exploring and incorporating innovative designs into her jewelry which still remain simple yet elegant. For the designer, ideas come to her in the spur of the moment and she knows that she is not the type of person who can force her designs. She explains: “I think it’s amazing when something is a piece of art or a piece of jewelry, and it also functions really well—whether it’s sitting on a table making a room look beautiful, or if it just looks beautiful on your hand.” A major goal of Caitlin Mociun is to expand her customer base so that she can develop her knowledge about various novel gems and jewelry.

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