6 Creative Ways to Store Your Jewelry

November 12, 2014

Ever been late to an important meeting because you could not separate and untangle your favorite necklaces? We’ve all been there and organizing jewelry can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task. However, by starting small and utilizing creative techniques, storing jewelry can be a simple task and gives you a chance to showcase your favorite pieces to others around you.

Below are some creative ways to keep all your pieces separate and easy to access:

  1. Hang your most delicate pieces using branches, as shown below. This is perfect for displaying your valuable Eliza Page jewelry as well as ensuring all your accessories remain tangle-free. Aside from using branches, clothing hangers are another way of hanging jewelry, as well as attaching chicken wire to a frame or adding hooks to planks of wood. Once the hooks are attached, you can spray paint the wood and decorate it with all your favorite crafts.
  2. A Chalkboard Cubby is another great way to store your jewelry. This easy technique only requires a circular corkboard, gold glitter, and empty tape rolls. With these few supplies you will be ready to create a snazzy jewelry cubby that will be great for holding your smaller pieces such as rings or studs.
  3. Bottles have also proven to be a successful way of storing jewelry, particularly bracelets and watches. This cost effective method is a perfect way to reuse old glass bottles and a creative way to hold different kinds of bracelets.
  4. A saucer and shot glass tiered tray is another awesome idea for keeping your jewelry tidy and in one place. Stack decorative dessert plates and use clear shot glasses in between the plates as a means of support. This stylish jewelry organizer will be sure to catch the eye of friends and family and can serve as a decorative holiday piece as well.
  5. One of the most well known jewelry organizers would be the cutlery tray necklace organizer. Since cutlery trays are compartmentalized, it makes it easier to use them to store necklaces and other accessories. Additionally, you can add knobs and cup hooks to the different sections as a way of creating more storage space.
  6. Kitchen items that you may have around the house can have multiple purposes, such as decorative bowls! As seen below, these lovely bowls are great for holding your delicate accessories. Chinaware can also be utilized as a substitute or complement. Additionally, a grater can be turned into an earring holder and can be essential for keeping all your earrings from getting knotted together.



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