Top 15 Instagram Posts

November 22, 2014

Wondering what our hottest pieces are? Wonder no more! Presented below are our Top 15 posts on Instagram and we’re excited to share these wonderful accessories with our followers. We greatly value all our passionate designers who work endlessly to bring you the best jewelry that cannot be matched anywhere else. Through this blog, we hope to continue to spread the word about these wonderful designers. However, these posts are only a fraction of what Eliza Page has to offer. Stop by the store at 229 W. 2nd Street to shop these styles and much more!

New Jewels

1. New Jewels- sparkling diamond, yellow gold, and white gold necklaces and rings

A Stunning Stack

2. A Stunning Stack- this exquisite ring stack contains gemstones that will be sure to catch the eyes of people around you

Mociun and Zoe

3. Mociun and Zoe Chicco Jewelry- these delicate necklaces and rings will add style to any outfit


4.cila & i, Megan Thorne Jewels, Satomi Kawakita, Shaesby

polly wales

5. Polly Wales- these diamonds, rubies, and rainbow sapphires are encased in handcrafted rings and encompass a classic design. The vibrant colors make it perfect for a casual day out.

mociun, ila

6. Mociun, ila & i- colorful gemstone ring stack perfect for any occassion

megan thorne

7. Megan Thorne, stacked with personal collection- Founded in 2007 by designer Megan Thorne, Megan Thorne Fine Jewels creations are always recognizable and her feminine style is inspired by her love for fashion.


8. Kataoka- delicate and beautiful ring stacks that are perfect for any occassion

polly wales2

9. Polly Wales- Polly Wales’ pieces never fail to impress with their imperfect yet natural beauty

mociun 10

10. Mociun- simple ring stack with Bauhaus-inspired designs

delicate diamond stack rings

11. Delicate Diamond Stack Rings-  beautiful white gold, yellow gold, and black gold ring stacks

boulder opal

12. Boulder Opal- perfect blue October birthstone!

jamie joseph

13. Jamie Joseph- beautiful jewels from the Jamie Joseph trade show


14. Shaesby- eye catching and colorful gemstones by Shaesby

mociun 15

15. Mociun- fine rings that encompass environmentally safe production


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