Stocking Stuffers for Under 100

November 28, 2014

The holidays can be wonderful, but as the day looms closer, Christmas can become an ever stressful challenge. If you, like many Americans, are not made of money or possess a dollar tree in your backyard, then you’ve probably experienced the dilemma of wanting to buy your friend a diamond but not completely at peace with taking out a second mortgage on your home. Sometimes our desires are loftier than our pocket books and we find ourselves struggling to find a gift that has the meaning and thought we desire without emptying out our pockets. Perhaps you’ve already gotten the go-tos: delicious fruity chap-sticks, gift cards, candy, miniature perfumes. Christmas is about the thought and not the gift, but if you really want to make it special, we have a few pieces under $100 to really top of that white collared sock.

1)These textured midi rings are incredibly simple, but that’s also their charm. Made from hammered silver and gold, they can be accessorized with almost anything, anywhere, and, add a shiny bit of flare. Pulling out a couple of these amidst other trinkets will really make the gifts feel thought out, and they can wear them for years to come. $15.

2. These dazzling blue beauties will be the cream of the crop in a rhinestone studded sock. Place it as the cherry on top, or below as the final beautiful surprise. They come in druzy or various sapphires for only $89 and are perfect for a night out.. As perfect statements of sophistication, no matter where you place them, they won’t soon be forgotten.

3) These birthstone rings are perfect for making your stocking stuffers unique. We love all jewelry, but it it can be especially nice to have something that is specific to who you are. You could even choose to make all your gifts birth months specific and this would be a great addition to the pile. Starting at $90 you have your choice of silver or gold for a lovely timeless gift.stockstuff3

4) These druzy necklaces come in all different color stones and metals to fit your gift specific needs. They are circle cut gems hanging perfectly from an elegant chain that coordinates perfect with dressy or casual wear. Druzys are a unique stone that will easily personalize any stocking.

5) These symbolic necklaces are best worn alone or layered. Either way is perfect and the wearer will love the simple and sweet design for each charm. Any kind of jewelry can help make your gifts a little more special, but these symbolic necklaces add a little more personalization.

6) Charms are a classic gift that allows you to make your gift personal and original without breaking the bank. They come in different sizes and you can put your own message on the face. If you want to inspire, to love, or to give hope, we can help you create your own customized charm. We have heart, oval, rectangle, and circle shaped to add to your personalization experience. Starting at $28 we can help you make a charm.

As long as you put thought into your gift you’ll succeed in making a wonderful stocking that’s full of more than just stuff, but also how you feel towards that person. The holidays are a time to be around the ones you love and show them how much you care. Granted that’s something you can do daily, but Christmas is a holiday where it’s not just an individual thing, but the masses get together to celebrate life love and being with all those you care about it. These stocking stuffers make this event just a little more memorable, and your checkbook a little less thin. Happy shopping and Happy Holidays!

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