The Results : Top Images on Social Media

December 18, 2014

Peddlers and venders use to litter the streets selling trinkets and trunks of goods. However, now a day many of the markets are found behind a thin high resolution screen of a tablet, phone, or PC. Technology may have its cons, but there are so many positives we as a people decided to make it a part of daily life! And it was such a wonderful decision! Sitting in the palm of our fingers we can search through hundreds of choices of clothes, jewelry, electronics, services, and even have someone do your grocery shopping for you! And not only shop, but the invention of social media allows us to share our finds and the fruits of our laborious shopping. Social Media however can be an overwhelming endeavor with dozens upon dozens of pictures to scroll though; thank you opposable thumbs. So every once in a while we like to consolidate some of what you guys think is our best work. This way we can know what’s going right, viewers can see what’s trending, and newbies to Eliza Page can see just what we have in store. So without further ado, here are some of the top images you all decided that you liked best.

marciamorna789MOCIUN’s designs are unique and please that desire for originality.  105

Rings by Vikas Sodhani and necklaces from Adel Chefridi are simple and original with subtle chains, tribal patterns, and colorful gems to season up any outfit105.1

A not so surprising favorite are these sapphire earrings, delicately placed with sleek lines and a subtle arch, they are sure to catch stares.


Diamonds have always been a girls best friend and with the addition of this creative sweet floral design, we’d say yes as well. meganthorne3We love these just as much as our viewers, opal has an array of rainbow colors that are always changing with the light, making them always perfect for different occasions!


These MOCIUN jewels were a favorite on both Instagram and Pinterest. Her use of turquoise and geometric shapes and angles allow an enviously cool mixture of chic and boho. engagementepKataoka knows how to perfectly shape his rings to create beautiful engagement rings that are alternatives to the traditional cuts and styles. 205

Karen Buckles, Kataoka, Polly Wales and Satomi Kawakita are the reason this is a favorite. Four amazing designers who are experts in the use gold and black and white diamonds.


Ila and I created these vintage like accessories that make the wearer feel both timeless and elegant.  Moulin Rouge here we come!

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