Creative New Year’s Eve Styles from Eliza Page

December 27, 2014

New Year’s Eve is also known as every girl’s favorite “holiday” because it gives us a reason to dress up. So, whether you are planning on going to a big party downtown, or just a girl’s night out, these 6 fashion trends from Glamour for New Year’s Eve will be sure to make you stick out from the crowd. Not to mention, Eliza Page has beautiful accessories that are perfect to pair with these outfits!

1. Update your little black party dress with silver and gold

Even though wearing something new is always fun, it can be pricey especially after all of your holiday spending. We all have that little black dress in our closet that fits perfectly and makes us feel good. By pairing it with festive gold and silver accessories and jewelry, you can make that little black dress feel brand new all over again without breaking the bank. Below are the midi twist rings by designer Halleh. These elegant rings are unique and will add sparkle to your outfit.


2. Brighten up your laid-back New Year’s Eve

Do you plan on just staying in with friends? Rather than dressing in sweats or pajamas, red pants and sneakers can be comfortable and chic. Plus, you can add a statement necklace to further decorate your simple and classy outfit.



3. Sparkles and Sequins

What girl doesn’t love sparkles and sequins? If you’re feeling lost and confused as to what to wear, just add something sparkly! These druzy rings by Jodi Rae are great to add to any outfit and will add some oomph to even a simple outfit.


4. Try a New Year’s Eve Tuxedo

This year, you may want to try something different by wearing a sharp jacket and pants. This unique outfit will be a change from the usual dress and heels. You can add some girly touches by wearing colorful and bold jewelry. This colorful crystal necklace from Eliza Page is a great choice to pair with a tuxedo.



5. Wear a Pretty Pale Dress

Plan on attending a fancy New Year’s Eve gathering? Instead of the usual black dress, try a pretty pale dress. This will help you stand out from the sea of black dresses and set you apart in a good way. You can also add a Megan Thorne personal vintage opal ring to the outfit. These handmade, one-of-a-kind rings are perfect to mix and match.


6. Bold citrus hues are not for summer only

Bright colors are not stylish for the summer weather only. This New Year’s Eve bring back bold colors by wearing black tights and dark jewelry to make it appropriate for the colder weather. These Karen Buckles handcrafted jewelry fits are perfect for this look. There are so many options to choose from with black diamonds, blue topaz, yellow gold, and sterling silver.



Visit Eliza Page on 2nd street to shop these styles and more. Happy Holidays!

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