Wedding Rings : Men

January 22, 2015

We think it’s safe to say weddings are traditionally viewed as a woman’s day. The man’s tux pales in comparison to the wedding dress. Ladies engagement rings are flashed on social media with a much higher frequency than that of men. And even in the majority of jeweler commercials (Zale’s, Kay and Jared’s, to name a few) diamonds are advertised. Whether it be the shine, cut, or color, diamonds are of high demand given that traditionally weddings are viewed as an event where the focal point is the bride. Shows like ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ ‘Bridezillas’, and ‘Four Weddings’ can attest to that. However, even if you watch these shows the women know it’s more than that. Amongst their plans, they also discuss their husbands and what they might prefer knowing ultimately, a wedding is of two people, not one. Every girl, though she has dreamed night and day of her dress and ring, has envisioned her fiance standing at the end of the aisle. The way he’ll look as the minister speaks, knowing your future is being molded in that moment. So ladies do care about their big day, but when you’re in love you’re also prone to care about the man at the end of the aisle more. That being said, you are determined to find him the perfect ring. As his significant other you love him and are pleased when he is. The proposal ring may be the most fabulous, but the purchase of a mans wedding ring signifies the connection. Two human beings coming to one. And though the designs may be slightly less intricate than a woman’s, it can still be difficult to decide. This ring is THEE one and you want to pick the Goldilocks of them all. Just right for your Mr.Right. At Eliza Page we love helping out brides for their special day. Within our four walls we have a selection of different metals and designs we think we’ll help give you some direction and one excited step further towards your big day.



One of our simplest is this 14k White Gold Flat Wedding Band. It’s a simple sleek design allowing you to have a gold ring without the yellow color. And its simplicity is fit for any outfit occasion, richer or poorer.


titanium polished domed

This 6mm polished Titanium band also remains simple, but the domed shape bestows it with just a little more character. With the steel strength of Titanium and the weightlessness of aluminum Titanium is ideal for men who aren’t used to jewelry, but you think still look really good in it.



This Cobalt ring is an example of the possibilities in men’s wedding rings. The dark center strip of carbon fibers is an elegant mesh that emulates that of metal and wood for the man who doesn’t favor the amount of shine found in an all metal ring.



This Titanium and Gold ring is a beautiful mixture of metals giving you the best of both worlds if you’re having trouble choosing.



Diamonds are a girls best friend, but the insertion of a diamond into this Titanium band is for the man who is not averse to a hint of gemstone shine. This subtle diamond adds class and character for the gentleman.



Tungsten, an up and coming favorite in rings is one of the most durable metals. Like Titanium, it is scratch resistant and will retain its shine over an extended period of time, which is how long you hope he’ll be wearing the ring. It’s also relatively heavy for those who like jewelry of substance.



At times Sterling Silver can oxidize, but this ring has already been taken through the process and given a unique design to create a non traditional wedding band for those seeking something a little outside the jewelry box.



This polished Titanium ring is a revised rendition of our earlier Titanium ring. Still a similar flat style but the double groove gives it a little more style.



These sterling silver textured bands are an extraordinary way to find something for your significant other that is unique and makes your wedding feel more one of a kind that it already is.

We hope the satisfaction of shopping these wedding bands will help give you that much more of a thrill for your wedding day!

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