Rose Gold and Roses

February 5, 2015

Red Roses have survived as symbols of love and longing for centuries. From Greek Mythology to Islam,  the early years of Christianity to the 21st century, the rose has endured as a symbol and emblem of beauty. The rose is thee flower signifying love and romance. We can clearly see our obsession with it in America with the Rose Bowl,  Rose Parade, Rose Festival etc. Its simplistic beauty and aromatic scent give it the classic allure that has allowed it to pose a long lasting effect on many cultures. In the flower kingdom, the rose can easily stand alone. One could even say that gold would be its counterpart in the metal category. Gold is the most valuable and easiest traded commodity in commerce. It is treasured by all walks of women and men. Wars have been waged over it, countries looted in search of it, and magnificent gifts made of it. It represents the power of the sun, richness and warmth,  illuminates and enhances and is associated with higher ideals and wisdom. Therefore combining roses and gold, the most prestigious products in their respective classes, wouldn’t seem far from common sense. Two beauties in one. The result is a colored metal that is practically perfect on any skin tone. A metal that is both romantic and rich. The softened color from the mixture of the yellow gold creates a hue that glows elegantly on the bearer. Though there are many legends and myths surrounding the actual origin of Valentine’s, for years we have known it as a day for the celebration of Love. Valentine’s is a day you can shower your significant other with love and affection, (hopefully not much unlike the other 364 ), but Valentine’s is a day to truly allot time to stop, and tell the one you love how much you care. We think the mixture of the lovely Rose, and the magnificent gold, is a perfect way to show her you care. Its not the traditional route, and therefore a perfect give for a love that is always new, always evolving, and always lasting.



PicMonkey Collage

Designer : Jennifer Dawes

Here is a comparison of both yellow gold (right) and rose gold (left) and we can see the muted quality of rose gold that provides a more subtle and romantic elegance than our traditional yellow gold.



Designer : Kataoka


Designer : Kataoka

The designs of Kataoka are unique and dainty, a perfect give to sit by a bouquet of roses for your loved one to find nestled beside her bedside in the morning. 

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