Fifty Shades of Red

February 13, 2015

Valentines¬† is just around the corner! Its a day just oozing with X’s and O’s and declarations of your hearts desires. On that day, whether you’re going on a date with your beau, or on a night out with your girlfriends to represent the single ladies, you’re sure you want to look your best. The symbolic color of Valentines is red. Red roses, red hearts, red cards, balloons, red everything. Some may get sick of this primary color, but it just goes along so well with pinks and purples and all those ‘girly’ hues we love so much. Maybe its all cheesy but sometimes cheesy is just what we need. So if you’re going out this Valentines weekend and your getting dressed up, try on all different hues of red, pinks and purple, accented by black or white. Or even vice versa. And when your finished dressing up your body, we’ve got a few trinkets that will finish you off perfectly in the Valentine’s Day spirit.

IMG_0168 IMG_0176 IMG_0179 IMG_0181

Check out the rich pink of the gemstone earrings versus the pastel pink of that divine cupcake, or the fuschia in her flower, the red of the shirt, and the mix of metals in her jewels. All these colors mingle perfectly to create a fun and romantic pallet for a night out with love.

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