Festival Season Selections : Accesorizing

March 19, 2015

Spring brings brilliant weather and the long awaited stripping of those layers. It brings flowers, rain, a sea of beautiful green and also, festivals! Some of the top contenders would be SXSW, as evidenced by our more than usual crowded Austin streets, and Coachella in April. These festivals not only continue for days but also from morning till night. Which means you definitely dont want to trek endlessly down hardened streets or though grassy knolls in wedges and stilettos. Or, wearing an outfit that will restrict enthusiastic raving. Festivals are a time to kick back and simply enjoy the world around you and some of the amazing music, food, and fun it has to offer. However, you still want to look like you could stop at a moments notice if asked and pose for Vogue, W, or Harper’s. Which ever reaches you first, of course. Therefore we’ve thought to compile a list of pretty things we thought might help you be better prepared for days out in those streets or green space.  It’s not always easy figuring out which of your jewels fit which occasion. But here at Eliza Page are plenty of pieces perfect for your beautiful adventures. Scan a few and see what you think..


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Photo 1 – The juxtaposition of raw metal in this Large Tesoro Scribed Cuff by Shaesby and an array of colorful flowers, create a girly edge

Photo 2 – Photo 3- Druzy’s sparkle and raw quality fit perfectly with so many combinations. These druzy studs by Jodi Rae are exquisitely lovely and pair wonderfully with a floral ensemble

Photo 3- These golden baubles are dainty and colorful, perfect to pair with contrasting dark fabrics.

Photo 4- These winged crystal earrings by Lulu Frost are bound to make you a sparkling show stopper day or night

Photo 5 –  Formed with a mixture of brass and exquisite skins, these cute and edgy genuine skin cuff bracelets from Leigh Elena,  paired with a flannel and some cutoffs, will bring out your strong and sexy.

Get your wardrobe ready for the sun and to look festive for the spring season!  Find all these and more at Eliza Page!


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