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April 2, 2015

Over the years millions of little girls, and sometimes boys, have sat in front of magazines, or scrolled through online images fantasizing about their dream weddings. By the ripe age of 9 the colors have been picked out, flowers decided, and a charming diamond ring, perhaps surrounded by rubies, will undoubtedly be presented from bended knee under a beautiful sunset sky. You’ve generously chosen the color and tux style for your future husband. You’ve selected music unaware how much the scene may change in the coming decades. You easily picked your baby sister for the flower girl before realizing she wouldn’t be a baby forever. But that was easily rectified and you calculated the ages of all the babies you knew to find one with potential. For the menu chicken seems fine, but all the movies ask “Chicken or fish”, so you decide both is safe. You place this all in your binder, folder, shoe box prepared for the big day. But then you grow up, and much has changed. Your style has morphed. You may or may not want that gaudy diamond chalked ring, but you also might still want a full skirt wedding gown to rival that of Cinderella. Whatever your style you just hope that it all flows smoothly. But deciding can be heard. We’re not here to dictate your day, we’ll leave that to you. But here we simply give you some of the unique ring options we hold here at our store. We’re determined to help your day be as special as you’ve imagined and we’d like to think we’ve gotten it right for the lovely ladies we’ve already helped. So for your wandering eyes take a look and tell us what you think.

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