Earrings for Everyday

April 16, 2015

Summer is just around the corner. The heat will be upon us and we’ll be sifting through our closets and jewelry boxes for new ways to spice up our outfits with the season. Bright colors, maybe a wardrobe of neutrals to repel the heat, floral patterns to blend into that field of wildflowers beside the highway. Well, whatever your fancy may be you don’t want to forget the finishing touches : necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings galore. We’re much like the seasons, every once in a while we get a new crop of beautiful creations. Lilies from Shaesby, roses from Jamie, maybe a couple orchids from Gorjana. If you follow us then we think that you like us just a little (the feeling is mutual) so we’d simply like to keep you updated when the stock grows once again. Here’s a glimpse of some brand new earrings at Eliza Page! If no other accessory, earrings can be worn on any occasion, even a warm morning workout. You may not take these on a jog, but here we have some striking and cute beauties to add to that glittering collection and perhaps dangle beneath that sweet summer haircut for a fashionably hot and stylish season. image image image image image

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