Dazzled by Diamonds.

April 23, 2015

Though they may not be your favorites, Kim Kardashian’s third wedding was probably the most extravagant yet. However, Brad and Angelina’s nuptials were quiet and quaint exampled by her children’s scriptures on the train of her dress. Though to us mere mortals, these celebrity weddings may be priced far above our dream weddings, the point remains that weddings come in all shapes, sizes, and price tags. Some of us like to spend those precious dollars on the honeymoon, some find the act of union to be more important, some like to have the wedding of their dreams, allowing the guests as well to have an unforgettable night. These dazzling diamond rings are some of our top tiered gems when it comes to the bang for your buck. If you’re looking to spend more of those Washington’s on the part of a wedding that will probably last far past that magnificent night, we’ve got some exquisite choices. Made from the dreams and minds of our designers these baubles will glow beautifully on that fated ring finger. Tell him you don’t need those important lilies form Peru, but look at a princess cut golden clasped diamond instead. There are so many choices, simple and sinuous, and here we have some our top runners along the dollar line. Rings are no longer the only symbol of union, but there are a traditional and loved one. But remember, no matter how much you spend, your ring will always be a reminder of your love and your future. Enjoy!


Delicate handmade Rose cut Rose gold Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring – $3,400


An Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with a polished setting – $8,102


A beautifully designed Lilac Diamond Ring available in various precious metals -$ 4,575


A sophisticated Oval Diamond embedded within a sparkling setting of gems and silver – $4,907


Dainty and sweet this Rose Gold beauty is a graceful show stopper – $6,275




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