The Beauty of Silica

May 2, 2015

Have you gone to the beach lately? We’re just shaking off the snowflakes–figuratively for Texans–so perhaps you only have your memories. But everyone who is anyone knows the love hate relationship with sand. The soft sands on can be very warm and welcoming after a dip in the water. Or it can have you hurriedly tip toeing across the hot surface like your walking on coals. And without a doubt it can be the foundations for a magnificent snow castle. However, we find our biggest struggle when the trip comes to an end. A single particle of sand is so tiny! If you think about the amount of sand it takes to fill all of our beaches, well, its pretty mind blowing. So it’s not surprising that we can’t help but take one or two or twenty of those gazillion particles home with us. It clings to skin after the waters gone, as if it’s just as reluctant to leave us as we are the beach. You shake and swipe and rub, but even a year later when you pull out those flip flops again, you just might see a few speckles fall quietly to the ground. Of course you beach lovers and sand haters alike may know this, but what’s more important is that you have something common with sand. If you like and have bought some of our jewelry, you just may be wearing some silica, a common component of the sand in many parts of the world. Silica, after its been phased and formed, smoothed and shaped, produces beautiful minerals like Jasper, moonstone, opal, amethyst, and drusys to name a few. These stones, some rarer than others, are then used to create some of the beautiful creations of the designers found in Eliza Page. All those tiny pieces of sand have a major component necessary to make the stunning pieces we love. So whenever you get annoyed with those little bits of sand, just remember Jake Perry in Sweet Home Alabama and his realization of the beauty of sand. Without it, all those one of a kind gemstones might not exist either. Here’s a few of them as a reminder. Enjoy!

Opal JodiRaeJapser JodiRaeDrusyEarrings JodiRaeDrusy JodiRae1 Gemstones2 Gemstones elizapagelabradorite druzynecklacesDesigns by Jodi Rae and Eliza Page

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