Mathematically Correct Style : Geometric

May 27, 2015

And you thought math was a waste of time. Well, if you’re a mathematician or pharmacists math is important. But for a lot of us, figuring out the cosine of an angle and the volume of two different cubes didn’t seem that important compared to the latest episode of our favorite TV show or discussions on the very real impending wedding to our future celebrity husbands. We’d learned shapes in elementary, we knew the basics. A square has four sides, a triangle has three, and circles are round. And after that, learning about them any further didn’t seem to have much application on life. But as you grow up and that big pink brain of yours gets more wrinkles and you being to see past that horizon that blocks us when we’re young. We see how much shapes really do matter.


Shapes are in everything. Matching up the proper shapes can create an atmosphere that evokes certain tones and emotions. Matching up the wrong ones can totally throw that same atmosphere off. Geometric lines and shapes make up much of the modern world around us, and jewelry is not excluded. Geometry involves dimensions, position, symmetry, and space. But for our sake, we’re simply talking about geometric shapes. Our circles, squares, triangles and all you can do with their basic sleek lines.


They give you such a simple foundation. A mere triangle becomes and elegant diamond ring. The circle is shaped into an intrinsic and colorful pendant. A mention of shapes has the tendency to direct people’s attention to children messing with plastic blocks, babies attempting to shove a square peg in a round hole. But that simplicity necessary to accommodate a child’s brain is the same simplicity necessary to make a timeless piece of jewelry.


And on the opposite spectrum, the simple foundation leaves room to add that fit and flare representative of the continuous evolution of style. Not to say those more abstract and untraditional designs aren’t equally beautiful, but that geometric shapes have their own allure and are also easily combined with those unconventional and fluid shapes and lines.


Something about straight sleek lines just screams modernity. Simply Google modern homes and you’ll come across an abundance of straight edges and shining countertops. But with the versatility of jewelry you can take that modern tone and combine it with whatever character you want and create a unique product that everyone will want to wear. You can create a piece that is both minimal and dynamic.


The nature of geometric shapes allows them to be fashioned into complex designs that make up much of the beautiful architecture we see today. And this same beautiful complexity can also be worn around your neck, wrist, fingers or ears. That said, we hope you enjoy our designers play on geometry with these beautiful gems.


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