Elizabeth Crandall: Nature’s Pupil

June 4, 2015

Elizabeth Crandall notes her design influence to the earth and it’s movements. Nature flows freely through forests and juts up proudly and strong from the earth. Invisible currents dictate the push and pull of the tides and the rain. Day in and out the sun keeps the Earth and its inhabitants alive while the world rustles, bends, creaks, and grinds around, beside, and beneath them. Elizabeth utilizes finely cut gemstones for her pieces. Her craftsmanship is flawless and feminine while incorporating the universality of the Earth.
Chains of gold and silver are delicate yet strong like the gossamer web of a spider while a commanding but bright druzy pendants hangs on the end. The gem may be raw but the workmanship is detailed and acute. Her mix of cultivation and Earths creation combine to create truly unique and expressive pieces.
The extraordinary variance of the Earth, which has yet to be fully discovered, provides an abundant pool of inspiration which Elizabeth utilizes. Her attention to detail with the utilization of fringe and hammered sequin, mirror the fraying branches of cedar tree topped with smooth green blades or the kaleidoscopic landscape of a coral reef.
Elizabeth’s designs reflect more than just nature. They are also inspired by the city life of Amsterdam. City lights over the canals, its sophisticated bohemian lifestyle amidst the centuries-old buildings supplied the palette for which Crandall created some of her exquisite pieces. The city’s diversity brings together different, sometimes clashing, cultures that together represent an unprecedented era for fashion and style
In life Elizabeth seeks beauty, strength, authenticity, balance, and light. Important qualitities that are found in her creations and craftsmanship. PIonted edges, minimal but secure clasps, dainty chains, and a unique and genuine style. Each pieces is named—Gwen, Josephine, Anouk—giving these pieces an identity you might not find lining the shelves of a department store or mass jewelry market. We hope you enjoy Elizabeth’s creations as much as we do! Come by and see us (or visit our site) to check out more!

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