Custom Jewelry: Your Personal Style

June 11, 2015

Custom wedding gowns, customized cars, custom kitchens. Whichever you prefer they all will be tailored made to suit your desires and/or needs. Having something custom made tends to be a privilege. We won’t delve into economics right now but the gist of it is, most of the products sold to the masses are what we would call ‘for general use’. It’s easier, cheaper, and quicker now a days to create a layout that can be quickly replicated to satisfy the billions of consumers that now occupy the globe. Centuries ago, when technology was merely a dream in the minds of genius inventors, things moved a little more slowly. There was more freedom to take time with products, because that was just how things went. But now a days, the rife competition propels businesses so that cars aren’t made with real metal anymore, houses pop up in a few weeks and millions wear the exact same pair of shoes. Don’t get us wrong, we love Converse and a good pair of black heels is a pair of black heels. There is nothing wrong with shopping at Target or Ross because they have REALLY good deals and steals. But sometimes, there’s just something about having something custom. Something that speaks particularly to you. Something, as Webster puts it, that “is altered, built, or planned according to individual specifications or needs.”
When you go custom, you personally get to choose the gem you like. Have you ever gone through a store and found an array of jewels but never in the color you actually really and truly want. Sure, the one in your hand will work but if only they had red and not pink, dark purple and not lavender. When you customize with us you get to choose. It’s like going back to that rack and you find the exactly one you want sitting at the very front. No need to look closer.
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Or have you ever gone to the grocery store and you’re looking for the perfect bag of candy to make little Valentines baggies or you simply want some goodies to snack on now and then? At least you tell yourself now and then and not all tonight. And you find that bag and it has everything that you want but one particularly candy that you feel they purposely put into another bag just to spite you and force you to painfully chose or buy both? But then you go to a candy store, where they have basins lining the walls of all the candy for you to freely pick and choose from and it’s like candy heaven? Customizing is a little like that. You can chose from beautiful diamonds and gemstones and different metals, and tell the designer what you want the piece to say, how you’d like it faceted and designed. And together, you come up with that ring you’ve been searching for. diamondscustom

There is a vast seas of jewelry out there in the world ripe for sifting through. Thrift stores and chain stores and boutiques alike. We are most definitely not saying there is anything wrong with that shopping. You can without a doubt find special and lovely pieces at these places. We just also know that customizing allows you to be the creator and find that perfect piece you’ll always hold special because you helped create it. So we hope you stop by and start the workings of a custom and unique piece of your own!

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